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Wag: This album was recorded whist waiting for the release of 'Cover it Up' We had previously done 'National Service' way back in 2008 on 'Buy one, get one free' but early in 2015, Garry contacted us to ask if we could do anything with 'Young Conservatives' one of his other poems. Due to other commitments, I was unable to work on it straight away, but did so a couple of weeks after the great British public voted for a further five years of Tory torture. After completion and release on iTunes, more sessions saw Garry's entire back catalogue given the Insane Society treatment, and without blowing my own trumpet, these productions are right up there with the very best we've ever done.

When Garry asked me to add music to some of his existing work from his publication, 'Boys of the Empire' I went on to produce even better results. Sadly, due to his poor health, Garry was unable to provide vocals for the extra songs and subsequently the tunes were used on other material.

It was a chance Email from a German fan of Garry's to Insane Society asking about further recordings that led to this release on Black Star records. An offer to see these songs on vinyl couldn't be turned down, so all seven masters formed side one. Side two was planned to featured a German punk band, but the label was unable to get copyright clearance so Insane Society obliged with some previously unreleased material.

We are all very pleased with the finished product, especially the sleeve design which unlike our previous releases, was not designed by Gavin Malcahy. I'm not too sure as to how the album became titled the way it did but I'm sure it's very tongue in cheek! 

The CD that is part of the package, has over 30 minutes of bonus material. There are two interviews by Garry Bushell with myself and Garry Johnson, and a sensational rendition of 'If Looks could Kill' by Steve Walker. 

Hope y'all like the album, - Wag 2016

Garry Johnson: A few words from my sick bed, or to be precise, my sofa recovering from my latest hospital admission. Fingers crossed, I'll be up and about to do BBC Radio Essex this week and the Gonads dvd filming at the Hope and Anchor on April 22nd. I'm looking forward to meeting up and getting the CD/LP. I thought the title was a German misprint of Bollocks, but now I understand it was a deliberate mistake. 

I am genuinely baffled as to how Wag managed to update the spoken word poems of my old poems and turned them into NEW songs. A band called SoulPunk did something similar to 'United' and posted a great video on youtube, but Wag has done a better job so now I'm looking forward to his video.



Words by Garry Johnson ©1981

Music and additional lyrics by Paul D Waghorn

The voice of oi is calling you,

with a message that is true,

punky 'erberts, straight or skin,

all of you, come on in.

Let's stick together and see it through,

strength through oi is me and you,

let them twist our every word,

but we are gonna heard.

The voice of oi is unity,

to fight against austerity,

think just how strong we could be,

if we were free...

'cos oi ain't about having a fight,

oi ain't about black v white,

there's oi for skins and oi for punks,

it's fun and fury, it's urban funk.

The voice of oi is unity,

think how strong we could be,

united is the thing to be,

united against society.


 - United audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you'll like. The 'United' chant was taken fom a Sheffield United youtube clip and added to a bit of "Sham 69"  at the end of 'If the kids, are United' plus members and former members of Insane Society all chipping in. This was the first song completed after the iTunes release of Young Conservatives and National Service and was always destined to be the opening track.

Garry: The meaning of the song is in the title, and wouldn't be nice if all the good guys were united against the bad boys?


Young Conservatives

Words by Garry Johnson ©1980

Music and additional lyrics by Paul D Waghorn

Silver spoon and bottle fed, the Daily Mail is always read,

by Young Conservatives born to win, another world you're living in,

just like your parents, and theirs before, you and your children won't go to war,

the front line ain't the place for you, you still believe your blood is blue.

The British empire sons and daughters, who flirt with SDP supporters,

share nightmares with Tony Benn, the militants on news at ten,

you're born to rule, or so you say, church of England all the way,

the book that feature Adam and Eve, these are the things that you believe.

You won by the skin of teeth this time,

another five years of Tory crime,

they want your vote but you won't  get mine,

'cos i'm never ever gonna be, - Young Conservative.

Love and respect for King and Queen, National service at seventeen,

Mary Whitehouse morals too, a Barbara Cartland novel view,

these are the things that you support, the working class, they must be taught,

how lucky they are to be free, to live in your democracy,

With no free press or radio, and we're four million on the dole,

just like the days before the war, the Tory party still stands for,

mass unemployment and poverty, a them and us society,

with no free press to tell the truth, only the voice of Tory youth.


The house of lords, the den of old, 

the wealth the power, the land they hold,

the red, the white, the tory blue,

young conservatives, I hate you....

   Young Conservative audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: I always considered the iTunes release a bit rushed. With this style of music, there is always room for a bit more, so in time, I added some extras. Firstly a baritone sax and then as I was trying an effect on Garry's voice, I came across a noise that might excite your dog. I'd love to have been able to change the lyrics to include the SNP instead of SDP. Still very relevant nearly 36 years after Garry's original recording.

Garry: One of my favourite lyrics, as I hate the Conservative party. In fact, I dislike politicians from all sides. They are all corrupt, liars and cheats, be they genuine Cameron Tories or 'Red Tories' like the posh bastards in the Labour party.


National Service

Words by Garry Johnson ©1980

Music and additional lyrics by Paul D Waghorn

Born in a city of tower blocks,

Alcatraz without the rocks,

sent to over-crowded schools,

beaten up if you broke the rules.

How our mothers sit and cried,

‘cos they know were gonna die,

we beat the boredom with slimming pills,

go to the seaside in stolen wheels.

     They took away my liberty,

     they took away my soul,

     they tried to break the man in me,

     and left me in a hole.

Bunk off school every other day,

If we get caught, they make us pay,

so we watch out for the boys in blue,

you never know who’s watching you.

Soldiers wearing pin striped suits,

want us to wear marching boots,

army life they say is fun,

clear the streets of all the young.

     They took away my liberty,

     they took away my soul,

     they tried to break the man in me,

     and left me in a hole.

National Service, hup two three four,

National Service, hup two three,

National Service, hup two, up two

could’ve made a man outta me.

We want you to go to war,

kill another country’s poor,

we are the class who fight their wars,

sometimes steal from department stores,

we are the class that their kind hate,

‘cos we live on council estates,

so they’ve invented a new state game,

playing soldiers is the name.

 National Service audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: Yes, I know this has been released before, but had we known at the time that this Garry Johnson album would see the light of day, then it would not have been included on 'Cover it Up' For those who don't know, it was originally the opening track on 'Strength through oi' and released in 1981. As with all Garry's poems, I had to stretch or condense each line to fit the tempo of the song, so this seems a slower rendition of the original, but it isn't.

Garry: I don't believe in National Service or wars, and this is all about working class kids and teenage tearaways saying 'no' to becoming cannon fodder for the establishment. It was inspired by our brave british lions who were led by donkeys in world war one.


Dead End Yobs

Words by Garry Johnson ©1980

Music by Paul D Waghorn

Dead end Yobs got football, boxing or rock n roll,

if they're any good at, to save 'em from the dole,

but even if ya make it, certain people will say,

you're still no good and you'll be no other way.

'cos ya don't talk proper, ya accent ain't true blue,

born in a house in Hackney, with an outside loo.

Dead end yobs, - kids like me and you,

Dead end yobs, - just do what you wanna do,

Dead end yobs, - we don't any notice of you.

We could be gangsters, we could rob a bank,

we could join the army, we could drive a tank,

no hope, no future, when you're down and out,

when you're at the bottom, nobody hears you shout.

an authority, keeps knocking on ma head,

from the day you're born, 'til the day you're dead.

Dead end yobs, - kids like me and you,

Dead end yobs, - they tell us what to do,

Middle class people, look down on me and you.

The school report read, he's a dead end yob,

might just make it, in a dead end job,

so I broke all the rules, in and out of school,

got into trouble, nothing else to do,

and when they nick us, don't they bleeding' love,

sod the system, got to rise above it.

Dead end yobs, - kids like me and you,

Dead end yobs, - always at the back of the queue,

It's us v them, the middle class and the boys in blue.

    Dead End Yobs audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: I love this, the lyrics conjure up a picture in my mind that only a select few could have written, - "Born in a house in Hackney with an outside loo" - absolute classic. I'm very proud of the tune as well, simple but very effective.

Garry: A very personal lyric with a message that is still relevant and true today, that being working class kids still only have boxing, football, crime or rock n roll to save them from the dole. There is no other way out of the backstreets.


The New Face of Rock n Roll

Words by Garry Johnson ©1980

Music by Paul D Waghorn

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll

Oi Oi 'ere we go, skinny kids straight off the dole,

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll,

Oi Oi 'ere we go.

The new face of rock n roll, real life, not a show,

street level points of view, songs written in the dole queue,

they tried to give it a name,

the year that losers found fame.

High street fashion, we don't buy your clothes,

we don't like your elitist pose,

We are the kids who live on the street,

the sub-culture you don't meet.

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll

Oi Oi 'ere we go, skinny kids straight off the dole,

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll,

Oi Oi 'ere we go.

You sneer down your pink gins,

like you did safety pins,

the researchers of the dole queue,

write books and movies too.

The new face of rock n roll, seen it on the T.V. chat show,

being discussed by you know who,

politicians and vicar too.

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll

Oi Oi 'ere we go, it's me and you and life on the dole.

Guitar solo

This is it....

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll

Oi Oi 'ere we go, skinny kids straight off the dole,

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll,

Oi Oi 'ere we go, the new face of rock n roll.

  The New Face audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: Ideally, with the vinyl sound at the beginning, this should have been the opener, but although it is quite powerful, it can't compete with 'United'. This took a bit of time to cut & paste Garry's poem to fit, and some lines may have suffered, hence some effects to tidy it up. The backing vocals before the chorus was a guide that was to be replaced by twin guitars, but I quite liked it as it was, so the oohs stayed. At the end is a clip from the Ramones 'Rock n Roll radio' and a great dual guitar solo that I'm very proud of.

Garry: Just a pop lyric really with no hidden message. The story of a wannabe kid wanting to be a rock star.


Boy about town

Words by Garry Johnson ©1980

Music by Paul D Waghorn

The loyal, royal boy about town,

putting up posters on the underground,

his eyes are red, white and blue,

his hair is blonde and he's six foot two,

he's a bully boy in beaver boots,

an anglo saxon looking for his roots,

he's union jack with a flag on his back,

he a jerk, he's a berk and he's on the attack,

Loves to revel in the boot boy glory,

but when he's in his closet, he's a typical tory.

Boy about town, dresses to kill,

fleet street headlines give him a thrill,

Enoch warned, rivers of blood,

boy about town can't see he's a mug,

On a daily diet of stale white bread,

The Sun, the scum with it's middle page spread,

he feeds his face and fuels his head,

with food for thought I thought was dead.

Loves to revel in the boot boy glory,

but when he's in his closet, he's a typical tory.

He's a bully boy in beaver boots,

a willing slave to men in suits,

a militant mug, a vicious thug,

hooked on hate, a dangerous drug,

patriotic songs, slogans of war,

holocaust anthems we've heard before,

a forgotten  boy who loves to hate,

a museum piece who's out of date.

Loves to revel in the boot boy glory,

but when he's in his closet, he's a typical tory.

the enemy of the working class,

got no future, lives in the past.

   Boy about town audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: Garry's vocal delivery dictated the tempo of this one. I wanted to create something a wee bit different so opted for a 'Rose Tatto' vibe using a slide guitar. I don't often employ this method but when I do, I use a large battery and tune to open E. It should have made a great final track to the side but there was more to come....

Garry: I loved this as a poem and rate it as my best recorded performance. I think it's lifted from 'Carry on Oi' The only time I had any rhythm, sounding like a speed freak cockney rapper. This version is even better and I love what Wag has done at the mixing desk.


Joey Teen

Words by Garry Johnson ©1980

Music by Paul D Waghorn

They say that girls and boys like Joey Teen,

are never to be heard and, seldom seen,

sign on every other week, 

be thankful for the food you get to eat,

welcome to the world of Joey Teen.

Uncle Jack and dear old Auntie Jean,

The parents of one precious Joey Teen,

raised their kid just as was planned, 

but now have learned to understand,

what it’s like to be a Joey Teen.

Joey Teen, Joey Teen,

What sort of life is this for Joey Teen?

put your best foot forward 

and stand up for the queen,

cos we know what is right for Joey Teen.

The best that he can do is, sit and wait,

or beg for work outside the factory gate,

‘cos now your country is at war, 

no job for life like our fathers had before,

the future’s looking grim for Joey Teen.


  Joey Teen audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: When I first read 'Boys of the Empire' this was the poem/lyric that for me, stood head and shoulders above the rest. I took a bit of time rearranging the words to fit the melody, but on completion, I knew I'd created a classic. Garry described it as a song Billy Bragg would die for. Its sparse arrangement left no room for drums or bass, it simply didn't need them. We all considered that it was a bit like the feeling you get when listening to Bowie's 'Rock n Roll Suicide' without gong into the overdrive that Bowie did so well. A fitting end to the side that may leave you cold, but Never mind the boolocks, there is always the other side.....

Garry: At the time I was thinking 'The London Boys' by David Bowie and I agree with Wag, this does remind me of Ziggy's 'Rock n Roll Suicide' A brilliant tune.


If looks could kill

Words by Garry Johnson ©1983

Music by Garry Johnson & Franky Flame

Bright lights, hookers on blues,

kids with nothing left to lose,

hoping for, a chance to score,

before the start of the third world war.

The nightmare gangs, dressed to kill,

high on energy, low on a pill,

night lifes, a game we play,

we’re speeding our lives away,

If looks could kill, I’d be dead,

If looks could kill, I’d be dead.

They banned cocaine, so why not cruise,

the violence on the TV news,

this is life in London Town,

Where Buzz Kids go to hang around,

Buzz Kids, grow up young,

flirting with death, they call it fun,

the joey teens, know the score,

having fun before the war.

If looks could kill, I’d be dead,

If looks could kill, I’d be dead....

   If looks could kill audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Wag: This is so much different from all the other stuff in Garry's back catalogue. Garry Bushell repeatedly told me not to record it, but on Garry Johnson's wishes, I did. The original on 'The oi of sex' was not great, but lyrically interesting. Conjuring up the image of a seedy London, I felt it should have a 'jazz' feel. Due to Garry's poor health, we got a stand in vocalist, Steve Walker who sounds remarkably similar to Garry and I'm happy with the result. It's on the CD as a bonus. 

Garry:  'If looks could kill' without me? the word on the street is.... it's like The Faces without Rod, The Stones without Jagger, The Spiders without Ziggy....

Without doubt, the original 1983 recording was my finest moment in the studio. I was speeding out of my head and loved it. Sadly, I was in a minority of one, but Wag has rescued a great song by a bad singer. 

Wag: A lot of Garry's lyrics have been recorded by other artists, most notably Sulo Sorrenson, who has released a whole album entitled Punk Rock stories & Tabloid Tales and is available on LiveWire LW044-2 Distributed by Cargo

You can order Punk Rock stories & Tabloid Tales here 

Garry Johnson's book, also entitled Punk Rock stories & Tabloid Tales has been published via New Haven Publishing and may be purchased on Amazon here.


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