No Faith

No Future

No Fun

     We are a punk band based in the South-East of the UK playing traditional 'British' punk music in the style of the late 70s and early 80s. Sometimes called 'old-school' punk, it differs starkly from the music that is called 'punk' today.

     Our lyrics are about those things which make us angry, laugh, happy or sad. They are about often embarrassing or painful personal experiences and about observations on social, political or global issues, such as war, which we feel strongly about.

    Before you do you might like to listen to extracts from each song by clicking here or check out some reviews

     Above all we are a fun band to see and listen to. Come and see us sometime.

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In the Bath

Check out this special feature of our website where we invite band friends and supporters, male or female, to send in pix of themselves in the bath, either naked or with strategically arranged bubbles, whichever you prefer.


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